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  1. Let us be thankful
    03 Jan, 2017
    Let us be thankful
    Image source    Let us be thankful That we have been privileged To inhabit the most precious human vessel A miracle of biology Yet one day We shall return to spirit For everything is borrowed From the mother of creation The journey from infinity To conformity To lift the armor of ignorance And find the treasure inside The most precious one Eternal Shinning In Glory
  2. Sombrero galaxy
    27 Dec, 2016
    My genius Self
    My life canvas My life is a melodious symphony A cacophony of living colours I am a painter Playfully casting life To the canvas of my creation My Imagination I Am One With the Creative Force Ideas Most Beautiful Most Elegant Pour into my heart To serve mankind My imagination  Has not limit I AM Eternity Joy Love I Am getting better And better By Day And by night I Am Blessed by the heavenly Father The desires Of my Heart Come to Reality With Ease